Top Tips for FIFO Workers from a Divorce Lawyer on Staying Together

Tip 1 – Make time for “date night”, or if you have kids, “Family Fun Day” 


One of the most common complaints that we hear from separating couples where one of them works FIFO is that time was never made for “me or the kids”. 


Even where you have children, it’s important that you make time for your partner – one on one without the kids  – to make sure your relationship stays healthy. Often when kids come along, the focus shifts to the routine of family life rather than your partner and your relationship. 


Tip 2 – Have joint bank accounts 


If you can’t trust your partner with money, how is there any trust in your relationship? 


You trust your partner enough to live you, to have children with you etc. There should be enough trust to be transparent about finances. 


And if your partner spends too much money – then you need to communicate! 


Tip 3 – Remember the important stuff like your partner’s birthday or anniversary and definitely don’t forget your child’s birthday! 


Surprisingly, we get a lot of comments about this. Men like to be respected by their partner, but women want to be cherished. Birthdays and anniversaries are really important and are a good excuse to celebrate. 


We all have smartphones these days and these things shouldn’t be too hard to keep track of – set a reminder! 


Tip 4 – Never threaten Divorce or separation 


If you threaten divorce or separation, this is sending a message to your partner that you already have one foot out the door.  


It can be the kiss of death as it’s not something which you can take back. 


Often this type of thing is said in the heat of the moment, in an argument, but it can have a lasting impact on your partner and can often resurface in other arguments that might be had down the track. 


Tip 5 – Take good care of yourself 


Mental health is important and if you’re not feeling good about yourself, you are not going to make the people around you feel very good. 


It’s important to take time for yourself when you are at home during rest and recreation periods, including catching up with friends, going to the gym etc. This is not a green light to leave your family at home and go to the pub for 5 out of the 7 days during your time off, but once or twice should be okay.

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