Mediation And Dispute Resolution Lawyers Perth

Where possible, litigation in Court should be an option of last resort. Going to Court is emotionally draining and expensive.

Unfortunately, there are cases where Court proceedings are unavoidable or completely necessary.

If you are able to reach an agreement with your former partner through mediation or collaboration, you both own that decision, rather than a Judge or Magistrate (who does not know you or your family), making a decision for you.

Most Family Law matters take between six months and three years to finalise. The most efficient way to reach agreement is through mediation or collaboration.

Types of mediation and collaboration include:

  • Mediation Style Conferences;
  • Dispute Resolution Conferences;
  • Family Dispute Resolution;
  • Parenting Coordinator Program; and
  • Collaborative Law.

Our experienced legal team regularly represent clients at all types of mediation.

Principal, Melissa Losinski, is one of a handful of qualified solicitors in Western Australia who has successfully practiced in the area of Collaborative Law.

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